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Don’t Buy ‘The Infertility Diet – Get Pregnant And Prevent Miscarriage’ Before You Read This

Studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplements is crucial to a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby, many people are unaware of the fact that diet can help to correct hormone imbalances that may affect your ability to conceive. Certain foods and drinks are known to increase or lower fertility.Lifestyle and diet changes are the easiest and should be the first option you consider to overcome infertility.The book: The Infertility Diet by Fern Reiss gives insights on the link between diet and fertility. This is one of the very few books in the market that discusses the link between diet and fertility exclusively.Reiss, who studied cooking and nutrition at the Culinary Institute of America and the Kushi Institute for Macrobiotic Studies, combines her educational background with medical research to conclude that a balanced diet of whole foods rich in vegetables, fruits, and grains may improve one’s fertility.The Good: What’s positive about this book is that it focuses on the factor of diet and lifestyle when trying to conceive. This is actually an often overlooked part of couples trying for a baby, mainly because there are not much specific guide around. It emphasizes foods based on food groups and discourages pill supplements.The Bad: It fails to provide sources (reference to scientific studies) to backup its claims, and thus seems to give recommendation in an unscientific way. Also, when she gives unspecific recommendations on the amount of food to take and not to take, leaving you asking: How much is not too much?Verdict: I consider this a basic guide for those who are clueless about nutrition, since it is a big factor in improving your chance of pregnancy. But for those who are already practicing a healthy diet and knows a little bit more about what to eat and what not to, there is nothing new in this book. There are better and more complete guides to overcoming infertility and get pregnant out there.